Agrisol Premium Liquid Fertilser
Agrisol has developed a range of high purity, premium quality kelp based liquid NPK fertilisers for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Agrisol is formulated for a wide range of crops and situations

Containing a range of nutrients and trace elements in a thick rich kelp base that has all the natural minerals and bio-stimulants found in the world's best kelp seaweeds.

Thicker, more palatable pastures

Farmers are reporting thicker pasture swards, improved sidelings and stock preferring the “Agrisol” pastures.

We Arrange Everything

  • Application arranged upon request

  • Soil Testing

  • Free technical suppport

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Why Use Agrisol?
Agrisol is proven in overseas trials. We are MAF Registered and all NPK's stated weight / weight.